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Safe Yesterday...Safer Today!

We are ready and welcoming our patients to help them take charge of their healthcare. Predictions show COVID-19 will be present for the foreseeable future. We have been and remain committed to providing the safest possible care and environment for you and your family's healthcare. 
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For our Vendors

This page is intended to provide you access to Signature Healthcare’s Code of Ethical Behavior along with our Vendor Policy. Our staff and vendors must follow these policies in order to maintain the highest ethical standards in business practices.

Signature Healthcare is committed to an environment of integrity and honesty. This environment, where ethical responsibility is of the utmost importance, directly contributes to our continued success in providing exceptional quality, service and compassion.

Under our Corporate Compliance Program, we are responsible for complying with all applicable Federal and state laws, regulations and professional standards governing our operations. If you believe there is a violation of the law or our policies please report it. To assist and encourage the prompt and full reporting of suspected violations, you may call the Signature Healthcare Compliance Hotline at 1-855-941-7085. Although you may give your name if you choose, you are not required to identify yourself. If you decide to make a report anonymously, please provide enough detail so that your report may be investigated.

All reports made to the Hotline are addressed promptly by the Corporate Compliance Officer. Federal and state laws allow citizens to raise concerns about fraud, waste and abuse and to bring suit on behalf of the government to recover fraudulently obtained funds. Signature Healthcare employees or the employees of our vendors may not be threatened, harassed or discriminated against in retaliation for exercising their rights under these laws.

We respect the services our vendors provide and by working together, we will achieve Signature Healthcare’s commitment to exceptional quality, service and compassion.


I would like to become a Signature Healthcare Vendor:

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    Where should I mail my company information?

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    What is the Signature Healthcare billing address?

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    Who should I contact with payment/invoice inquiries?

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    How can I get copies of Signature Healthcare’s tax exemption certificates?