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Signature Healthcare To “Live Tweet” Cardiac Surgery On Twitter

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Brockton, MA - The interventional cardiology team at Signature Healthcare will live Tweet a transradial cardiac catheterization procedure, October 7, 2014 at approximately 9am. Transradial procedures can be used for diagnosing clogged blood vessels, performing angioplasties and placing stents. This unique event on Twitter will allow followers to see and learn details of this remarkable procedure in real time.

Signature Healthcare will host the live Twittercast with two of its leading interventional cardiologists working in tandem; one performing the procedure and one providing real-time commentary. The public will have a virtual, bird’s-eye view of the procedure including narrative from the team, video footage of cardiologists explaining the procedure, and photos from the operating room.

For decades, cardiac catheterizations were typically performed via the femoral artery, accessed through the patient’s groin. The newer transradial pathway offers a less invasive, lower-risk option - through the wrist. This allows for a better patient experience, quicker recovery time and shorter hospital stay. Immediately after the procedure, patients may sit up, eat, and walk. In contrast, after a traditional cardiac catheterization through the groin, patients must lie flat for two to six hours, to ensure bleeding will not occur from the site, often involving an overnight stay in the hospital.

Throughout the hour-long procedure the interventional cardiologists will share details of this procedure, taking the Twitter audience through every step of the patient’s experience. The public and interested medical professionals can tune in by following the hashtag for the Twittercast - #transradial – or by following Signature Healthcare’s Twitter feed (@SignatureHlth).

According to Dr. Jean-Pierre Geagea, Signature Healthcare’s Chief of Cardiology, knowledge of this new procedure may help break down patient apprehension about undergoing a diagnostic cardiac cath procedure. "These interventional procedures can be scary. Fear is understandable. This procedure involves inserting a catheter into the patient’s artery through which we thread a wire to the heart. Our goal in live tweeting this transradial cardiac procedure is to educate people and inform them of a new and better method for carrying out cardiac catheterizations and interventions on certain patients."

Despite the many advantages of the transradial approach, including fewer complications, many cardiologists continue to use the femoral artery for the majority of procedures because the transradial cardiac catheterization is more challenging to perform; taking more time and greater skill. Over the last two years, Signature Healthcare’s team of interventional cardiologists adopted diagnostic and interventional transradial procedures as their standard approach. It should be noted that not all patients are ideal candidates for a transradial procedure. A great deal depends on the accessibility of the radial artery. The transradial procedure is also commonly used at Signature Healthcare for interventional procedures such as angioplasties and the placement of stents into coronary arteries.

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