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Transradial Stenting Procedure a Success - Audience Gets First Hand View into Procedure

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The interventional cardiology team at Signature Healthcare performed a transradial cardiac catheterization procedure the morning of October 7, 2014, taking approximately an hour and a half. Transradial procedures can be used for diagnosing clogged blood vessels, performing angioplasties and placing stents. The procedure highlighted was performed on a 53-year old woman diagnosed with coronary artery disease. It occurs when arteries to the heart are blocked with plaque. 

For decades, cardiac catheterizations were typically performed via the femoral artery, accessed through the patient’s groin. The newer transradial pathway offers a less invasive, lower-risk option - through the wrist. This allows for a better patient experience, quicker recovery time and shorter hospital stay.  Despite this, many hospitals in Massachusetts do not offer the radial option, or have the capability.

This unique event on Twitter allowed followers to see and learn details of this remarkable procedure in real time.

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