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Signature Moms Blog Reaches 500,000 Views Milestone

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Online Parenting Community for Southeastern Massachusetts Continues to Thrive

In March 2011, the Signature Moms Blog started posting content written by local, South Shore mothers for local parents. Six years later, the blog continues to be a resource that not only reaches South Shore parents, but parents around the country, garnering over half a million views and surpassing 2,800 subscribers.

“The popularity of the Signature Moms blog is so gratifying. When we started the blog we hoped it would find its niche in southeastern Massachusetts, and it has,” said Vice President of Business Development for Signature Healthcare, Marie Gross. “This is more than a just a blog; it’s an online community – a place where local moms can come together and share ideas, commiserate with one another, and find others who have traveled a similar path.”

The Signature Moms bloggers were identified through contests sponsored by Signature Healthcare, the most recent of which took place in July 2016. Every mom who wrote over the years helped contribute to and create a vibrant, safe online community where parents can come together to gather new ideas, share thoughts and experiences and receive encouragement. 

Meet the current Signature Moms bloggers:

• Tanya Dennison Pimental – Brockton – An avid blogger who loves sharing the adventures she has with her husband and two children.
• Martianne Stanger – Plymouth – A 40-something mom with three children under 10 who help keep her on her toes.
• Sandy Churchill – West Bridgewater – A mom to two girls and a boy ages 24, 21 and 11, she loves to connect with other women on the journey of “parenthood.” 
• Carolyn Coleman – Brockton – A mom to twins who have graduated college, as well as a son who is still in high school. Carolyn discusses how she must adapt her parenting style to changing times. 
• Deirdre Littlefield – Abington - With biological sons ages 23 and 10, Deirdre also has an adopted 3-year-old and provides emergency care for children 4-12.
• Melanie Anderson – Braintree - A 30-something mom to three children, Melanie balances raising teenagers and a 4-year-old and looks forward to sharing how her parenting style has changed over the years.
• Lauren Tankle – East Bridgewater - A young mom with one son and a passion for creating great spaces on a budget.
• Cheryl Maguire – East Bridgewater - A stay-at-home mom to boy/girl twins and another daughter, Cheryl has a background in counseling and psychology.

Since 2011, the blog has been recognized with more than 20 awards from a variety of industry leaders including the New England Society for Healthcare Communications and the Aster Awards. The blog has been widely recognized as a marketing best practice within the healthcare industry.

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