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Scholarship Reception

Thursday, September 20, 2018

One of the winners of a BHSON scholarship

On September 24th we hosted our Annual Undergraduate Scholarship Ceremony.  The Brockton Hospital School of Nursing awarded over 60 scholarships to students for academic and clinical performance, qualities of leadership and compassion, achievement, faculty recommendation and more.
These scholarships help support our students' success and are a true testament to the long-standing connection BHSON has with it's community. 

This year we awarded four new scholarships:

Two scholarships in loving memory of Nicholas Lombardi; one donated by his mother and one donated by his father and stepmother to male recipients who carry on the Nick's legacy with their hard work, perseverance and spirit that brings a smile to their classmates.

A Student to Student scholarship awarded to a student who demonstrates strong academic skills and passion through their involvement in BHSON, and The Patricia Lotti Fregeau Endowed Scholarship. Patricia was an alum of BHSON who passed away in 2017 and her husband has established this scholarship to keep her legacy and passion for nursing & BHSON alive.

We are so grateful to have such strong support from our parent organization, our alumni, and our community.
Thank you to our donors for your continued generosity and support for our students, our school and our mission. 

Congratulations to all of our students who were awarded scholarships!