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School Unveils New Building

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

school building

On October 10, alumni and donors were invited to take a look at our new state-of-the-art nursing school building. As the only R.N. diploma nursing school in Massachusetts still located on a hospital campus, the BHSON is an amazing addition to the community, and one which can help prepare students for the high-tech world of medicine. Students can find jobs as nurses after two years, allowing them to earn a living while getting their bachelor's degree in nursing. 

Opened in 1897, the school has graduated thousands of nurses who have gone on to provide unprecedented nursing care to hundreds of thousands of patients.  Until not so long ago, students lived on the hospital campus in the school building while attending classes. Signature has been blessed by a number of nurses who trained at the school and have continued to care for our patients. 

We are proud to offer our students a building which brings the physical space up to the caliber of teaching they were already experiencing. Classrooms with high-definition projection, simulation labs with adult, child, baby and pregnant simulation mannequins in an area specifically modeled after our hospital rooms, a new science library, defined peer tutor space and more all give students the advantage they deserve.