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Applications are now being accepted for Fall 2024

Admission Deadline is April 30, 2024

After the Admission Deadline has passed, SH/BHSON will continue to process applications on a space available basis.   Once the Fall 2024 class is full, applications will be put forward for the Fall 2025 Academic Year. 

Please use a tablet, laptop or personal computer when applying. Don't use your cellphone.   Your cellphone will not give you access to all of the application questions.   Please do not allow AUTOFILL to enter your name and address as it does not populate the biographic fields correctly.

To apply, please click on the link to access our online applications:  SH/BHSON Online Application

You will be able to access and modify your application via the Continue an Application in Progress  login.

Once you've submitted your application you will not be able to change/modify your application.  To view your application status, please click here:  SH/BHSON Submitted Application

Please be sure to submit your application and all required transcripts/supporting documentation.  Applications will not be reviewed for admission until all required documentation is submitted.  Visit the Requirements section for the Application Checklist.

SH/BHSON processes applications submitted without guarantee and on a space available basis only.  Please ensure that all information is accurate and complete.   By submitting this application, you certify that the information provided about your academic and personal information is accurate and complete.  Failure to disclose any required information could result in denial of admission or annulment of acceptance.

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact:
Denise Sang-Roberts, Admission Representative
PH: 508-941-7539

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