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LPN Information

LPN Advanced Placement:   Incoming LPN students have the opportunity to take one (1) challenge Exams to demonstrate mastery of nursing curricula in Care of the Family.

Challenge exam is offered for:  Family Health NU120

These exams are offered only once for each student.  Successful completion of the Care of the Family exam will enable the student to move to the next sequential nursing course; NU210 Medical/Surgical  in the upcoming Fall semester.

If the LPN student is unsuccessful in meeting the Care of the Family challenge exam the student would be required to take the associated nursing course.  

The LPN will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office in prior to the upcoming year.  The email will include basic information needed for challenge exam completion including confirmation dates for sign up and actual exam dates.

LPN students who intend to take the Challenge exam/exams must send an email of intent to the BHSON Registrar’s Office by the date designated on the email sent.

Payment: Will be due on the day the student is schedule to take the exam.  Each exam cost is $300.

Exam dates:  Exam dates will be scheduled at the discretion of the administrative staff and faculty prior to the beginning of the upcoming academic year or early in the upcoming academic year.

Challenge exam information:  Care of the Family NU120 – This challenge exam consists of two (2) sections for a total of 100 multiple choice/alternative NCLEX type questions and 20 math calculation questions. The student must pass both sections to achieve successful challenge for this course.

Care of the Family Section #1: 100 multiple choice/alternative NCLEX type questions.  Passing score 77%

Care of the Family Section #2: Math:  20 math calculations including weight-based dose calculations, IV drop factor and IV pump calculations. A simple calculator and scrap paper will be provided.   Passing score 85%

Time for exams:   Care of the Family Challenge = 2.5 hour  Care of the Family Math = 1.0 hour

For additional questions, please contact the Registrar’s office, 508-941-7042

Updated 06/2021

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