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Fisher Degree Eligibility

Earning an Associate in Science Degree from Fisher

1. Every college/university has a minimum number of credits that must be earned at the school in order to receive a degree from the school. For an associate’s degree from Fisher College, you must earn 30 credits from Fisher College (50% of your degree).

2. Students may transfer no more than 36 nursing credits and 3 credits from colleges/universities other than Fisher College in order to be eligible to receive A.S. in General Studies.  This equates to no more than one 3 credit/45 hour course.

3. For students who will transfer more than 3 credits into the nursing program:

  • You may choose to take 1 or more of the four elective classes offered by Fisher College at BHSN. These classes are not required for your diploma in nursing but will provide you with incredible learning opportunities and may enable you to earn Fisher College credits toward your Associate in Science degree.

The electives offered may include:

  • Social Justice, Race and Gender Issues in American Society
  • Statistics (necessary for anyone planning to pursue a BSN or MSN degree)
  • You may enroll at one of the Fisher College sites (including On-line) after graduation. All of your nursing credits will transfer to the College and you will be eligible to earn your Associate in Science degree quickly with this seamless transition.
  • Substance Abuse
  • Basic Statistics
  • Culture and Diversity in Healthcare
  • Gerontology
  • Intro to World Religions
  • The Family
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