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Health Sciences Library

The mission of our library is to be the center of distinction at Signature Healthcare for managing the knowledge resources essential for the organization’s continuing excellence in patient care, teaching, research, and education.  Students may connect with the library virtually through the hospital Intranet or by visiting the library in person.

Countless materials are available for student research and additional learning, including:

  • Electronic books
  • Journals
  • Reference material
  • Point of Care Resources
  • Newspapers

The library staff is also available to assist you with research or questions.

The Library is open 6:45am to 11:15pm daily.  Catherine Moore, the Librarian is currently available Monday-Friday 9am to 5:30pm for help in the library or by telephone at 508-941-7208.
Location: 2nd floor of the school
Phone: 508-941-7207   To visit the ATHENS website, please click here:

Interlibrary Cooperation: Library services are supplemented by the Hospital’s participation in several consortia of health sciences libraries and colleges. Interlibrary loans for all students will be requested if they can be obtained free of charge. If they are loans for which a charge will be assessed by the lending library, the student must reimburse the Hospital library for the cost of the

All SH/BHSN students have access to the Fisher College library and online databases at

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