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Student Life

Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital School of Nursing is a nurturing and communal environment seeking to enrich students both academically and socially. Students at BHSON are taught the practice of nursing both academically and clinically by skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated nursing instructors. Students begin working hands on with patients (under guided supervision) within the first eight weeks of their nursing program.

BHSN students not only have the ambition to learn and the desire to help others on clinical site, but off-site as well. BHSN encourages students to lend helping hands to outreach programs, homeless shelters, youth groups, soup kitchens, and other similar sites in Brockton and surrounding communities. Through the efforts of the National Student Nursing Association chapter and of their own accord students have:

  • Participated in book drives for Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital’s Children and Youth clinic.
  • Given DVD movie baskets to Pediatrics
  • Participated annually in the May Cancer Walk
  • Collected warm clothing, blankets and toiletries for homeless shelters
  • Participated in medical van outreach for homeless teenagers
  • Provided scholarships for lower classmen and freshmen.
  • Assisted in developing Peer Tutoring Programs
  • Contributed to the monthly newsletter: “The Pulse”

Through the utilization of ATI test prep materials throughout their entire education, our students feel more prepared for the national examination for state licensure (NCLEX) to become Registered Professional Nurses. BHSN’s yearly graduate survey indicates students feel prepared and are working with people in residential programs, nursing homes, acute care facilities, hospital settings as not only skilled nurses but caring compassionate professionals.

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