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Payment Information

Credits Which May Be Applied Toward the Bill


Loans often have origination fees which will be deducted prior to disbursement to your account.

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships may be deducted from the bill as long as a copy of the scholarship letter has been provided to the Financial Aid Office. Be sure that the scholarship is being applied to the same semester that is shown on the bill. Outside scholarships may affect financial aid amounts depending on your need. Questions should be referred to the Financial Aid Office at 508-941-7052.

To deduct financial assistance expected from any source outside of the School, you must provide a copy of payment authorization from the funding source. Authorization must include:

  • Dollar value of assistance.
  • Method or schedule of payment.
  • Full name and address of funding source.

Credits Which May Not Be Deducted From the Bill

  • Student/Parent Loans: These loans may not be deducted from the bill until the Financial Aid Office receives approval from the bank. Once approved it will appear as an estimated loan.
  • Massachusetts State Scholarships: If an assumed General Scholarship does not appear as a credit on the bill, you may not deduct any amount from the bill.
  • Work-Study Awards: These will not be deducted from the bill until earned.
  • Financial Aid Appeals:  These appeals do not guarantee that an additional award will be given and may not be used to justify paying less than the total due on the bill.

Your payment is due by the due date indicated on your bill.


Payment Policy

Students will receive bills via their SonisWeb student portal.  Paper copies are not mailed to the home address.  Each semester, an e-mail will be sent to notify students that the statements have been posted.  Bills must be paid by the due date, which is approximately one month prior to the start of the semester.  If the bill is not paid by the due date, there will be a $50 late fee; and anyone not paid by one week prior to the start of the semester will be un-enrolled from all classes.


Tuition Statements

Click here to access SonisWeb.

Bills are available to view online. Notification of electronic bill is sent to students to view their bills online. To access students bill, students should go to SonisWeb and then click on “Billing” in the “Student” section. Incoming freshman will receive their first statement via SonisWeb.


Payment Methods

Debit or credit card payments are the preferred method of payment.  Payments may be made in person or over the phone at 508-941-7047  until 3 PM.  Payments must be made by the card holder, there are no exceptions.  Debit or credit card payments can also be done by mail using the Credit Card Authorization form:

Credit Card Authorization Form

You may also send a check or money order, payable to the BHSN. Put your name and student ID number on all checks, money orders, correspondence and documents.

Send payments by mail to:

Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital School of Nursing
Bursar’s Office
53 Adams Street
Brockton, MA 02302-3395

Payments may also be made in person at the Bursar’s Office or over the phone with a debit/credit card during posted office hours.



Payment Plans

Payment Plans are offered for the Fall and Spring Semesters only.  Students wishing to take part in the Budget Payment Plan must contact the Bursar’s Office to set up an appointment before to the due date on the statement.  There is a one-time fee of $25 which is due by the due date along with 25% of the statement balance.  Three additional payments of 25% each will be due approximately 30, 60 & 90 days after the original payable date.


Returned Checks

Any check returned or refused by your bank will result in a $25 charge, and you will no longer be ALLOWED to pay via personal check.  All future payments will need to be made via debit card, credit card or money order.


Registration Cancellation and Withdrawal for Undergraduates

Non-attendance does not relieve you of your financial obligation or entitle you to a refund. 

If you decide not to attend the School, the charges on your bill remain your obligation unless you properly withdraw from the School. If you withdraw by the first week of classes, you will not incur liability.  After that, reversal of charges will be in accordance with the schedule listed in the Finance Policies & Procedures section.

You will need to speak with the Financial Aid Office if you received loans to discuss the implications of reversals.

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