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Refunds & Vouchers

What is a Refund?

  • A refund is a general overpayment to a student’s account and bill.
  • All charges and fees MUST be paid in full before a student is eligible for a refund.
  • When a student’s account is overpaid, a credit balance appearing as a number in parentheses – ($XX.XX) will be listed as the Amount Due on the tuition statement.
  • Overpayments from payments made will not be eligible for refunds until after the deposit has been made.


Book Vouchers

If your Tuition Statement shows a credit balance, the amount due will be in parentheses, you may qualify for a book voucher.  Book vouchers will be available before the start of each semester, approximately Aug 9th – Sept 6th for the Fall. A book voucher allows you to order books from the Fisher College bookstore up to your credit balance without having to pay out of pocket.  We will offset your credit balance by the total of your book order.

To participate:

  • Notify the Bursar’s Office that you are interested in a book voucher
  • We will fill in your name and the credit balance on the form and e-mail it to you.
  • You should then fill in your birthdate, Fisher ID number, and choose which books you want to order.
  • E-mail the form to Carol Wilcox, who will set up your account on the Fisher College bookstore website.  She will notify you once it is set and you will then go online to order the books.

Please note that if you are receiving Stafford Loans, the amount listed on your Tuition Statement as pending financial aid does not reflect the actual amount we will receive from the bank.  The bank will send in slightly less than that amount because they keep an Origination Fee.  This small difference will reduce the amount of your credit, so it is possible that you may receive a residual bill for this fee if your book order is close to your credit balance amount.

Students are encouraged to fill out a Permission to Hold Funds form.  This allows the school to carry forward the credit balance to their Spring and/or Summer semesters.

Permission to Hold Funds Form 2021-2022

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