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We are ready and welcoming our patients to help them take charge of their healthcare. Predictions show COVID-19 will be present for the foreseeable future. We have been and remain committed to providing the safest possible care and environment for you and your family's healthcare. 
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A Broken Foot Led to Great Care

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Photo of Dr. Armitage

A couple years ago I was in Florida for a conference and twisted my ankle on the edge of the sidewalk. My foot hurt a lot, but I hobbled through the next couple days until I could get home. That's when I called Signature Healthcare and set up an appointment with Dr. Armitage. Knowing he was an orthopedic surgeon, I was skeptical--because we all know that all surgeons want to do is cut, right? Wrong. He listened to me, perhaps better than any other doctor I've seen in my 40+ years, and then explained what a pseudo Jones fracture of the fifth metatarsal was so that I could understand not only what it was, but what I could expect during the healing process. He briefly brought up surgery as an option but recommended a wait and see approach. I was quite surprised and relieved that he didn't push for surgery. Dr. Armitage is an excellent example of what we all want our physicians to be--medically talented, personally caring, and ultimately advocates for the path to wellness that will work for our particular situations. I would go back to him in a heartbeat and have recommended him to a friend whose son had a fractured wrist.