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A Verbal High-Five to the Maternity Staff

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Teresa and her newborn baby

I have been meaning to give a verbal hi-five to the maternity staff here at Signature Healthcare! I was asked several times by family and peers why I was choosing to deliver at Brockton Hospital and besides being an employee here and the convenience I had no other good reason to offer. I am so pleased to say that now I do! I gave birth here to a baby boy in July and cannot stop telling people how fantastic my experience was. I don't know if name dropping is allowed but just a few names I was able o recall Lynn the lactation consultant, Nerlande who was present for the birth of my son, Marie helped me along through the long process of being induced and took excellent care of my bundle in a.m. care, Taryn who was an absolute rock star and held my hand during my epidural and prepped me for the longest haul of it all, she was a huge support to me mind, body, and soul, Jessica who was also a tremendous hand in getting me ready. Don’t let me forget Dr. Waters and Martha Slattery for the excellent prenatal and postnatal support they gave me from the very beginning and continuous support. The list could go on and on.

I am now happy to give reason after reason that giving birth here at signature is a terrific choice. It's not only the maternity ward that made this a terrific experience, but every staff member that I came in to contact with from the secretaries at Women’s Health to the techs in the ultra sound dept. And the human resources dept. that helped me get my benefits in order from beginning to end.

This experience has also made me very proud to say that I work in the same caring facility as these individuals and would trust them with not only my life but the life of my children. I am a very proud employee and a very satisfied customer! Great job a4!