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Friday, May 10, 2019

Photo of Dr. Merlin, Dr. Garrett and Dr. Yaqub

I am writing to let you know of my experience before, during and after surgery for the removal of a cyst, ovaries and tube. The surgery was performed by Dr. Merlin and Dr. Garrett . I always tell friends and family that Signature has the best physicians and they proved me right again.

Recently I had an MRI which showed a cyst on my ovary. My primary physician is Dr.Yakub (best primary physician I have ever had) . I have had some physical issues that she addressed on the first day of meeting me and I  am getting better every day because of her. She referred me to Dr. Merlin after seeing the cyst on the MRI.

My first visit with Dr. Merlin was very comfortable as he reviewed the options available.  I felt in my best interest that I would have the ovaries and tubes removed along with the cyst as I did not want to worry that this may turn into something else in the future.

My lead time up to the operation was seamless.

On the day of surgery, I was scheduled in very quickly and brought up the pre op area. All the nurses and doctors were very accommodating and informative.

I  was not nervous about the procedure at all however I have an extremely low threshold for pain and was anxious on what pain I  may incur from the surgery. Coming out of the anesthesia was easy. Since the operation and 3 weeks later I have never had any pain whatsoever from this procedure. I cannot believe I never experienced any pain or discomfort.  To me this shows the quality of care and compassion that your physicians take to make a tough experience so easy.

My many thanks to you for building an organization that really cares for their patients.