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Emergency Help for a Feeding Tube

Monday, April 2, 2018

Daniel B.
Photo of hospital interior

Daniel, Maria and I spent 12 hours at Brockton Hospital, but it was well worth it. 

I will first start by saying that security, doctors and nurses, and even the folks at the coffee shop were awesome!!!! Our son`s feeding tube fell out during the night, so the hole had closed up a lot. So at 6:30 am we shot to the ER. It didn't take long to get in to ER from registration and it took less then five minutes to see the first nurse. Then, less then two minutes to see the doctor. After valiant efforts, the doctor got a much smaller temporary tube into the hole. That was great until the Gastro specialist came in about a half hour later. She tried so hard to get a correct size tube into Daniel with no avail. (And yes she did try!) So they said Daniel would have to have a new tube replaced under sedation. But they said that wouldn't happen until after 1:00pm. After about a half hour, a worker came in to transport Daniel upstairs. The Gastro doctor was going to squeeze Daniel in and get him done early. The nurses in Endoscopy were outstanding as well. They were fast and efficient to get Daniel done within the half hour. After all their hard work and excellent care, they brought Daniel to surgery. However, the anesthesiologist and his team didn't want to sedate Daniel for reasons I wont get into. But, I will tell you they were valid and all in the interest of Daniel not getting even more problems. They would have had to go through Daniel's throat to put the tube in and that isn`t option anymore. The head anesthesiologist explained in detail and we thanked him for pointing out what could have been a disaster if they continued. He was awesome and like all the others extremely caring!!! 

So right away the staff was on the phone to Boston hospitals that have more modern facilities to do the operation and also have the backup team if they had severe problems happen. After about 4 strenuous hours, (because Maria and I are not fans of DRIVING into Boston, but we found a way because no matter what, it wasn't an option not to, I would have walked if I had to) we found out that the ambulance would transport me with Daniel as well. I had to run home and get my meds for an overnight stay and some clothes for Daniel. We asked the nice people at the ER, If they found a hospital while we were running home, to send Daniel ASAP and I would find a ride somehow if I didn't make it back, My brother Gene was gonna run me in. He was more than willing to help in a heartbeat. We made it back before anything happened. 

Minutes after we got back, the Gastro specialist came in and said between her and the Doctor they had one last idea to get the tube through the old hole. After her patience and time, she DID IT!!!! She was great! We were so happy. Keep in mind, Daniel had not eaten since 7:00 the night before. So after 12 well worth it hours, we were able to get Daniel home and take care of him. My bottom line here is that EVERYONE at Brockton Hospital went above and beyond their jobs to help Daniel as well as Maria and I. I consider them my favorite hospital ANYWHERE!! 

THANK YOU EVERYONE AT BROCKTON HOSPITAL FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID!!! If there is anyone I forgot, please forgive me. Like I said earlier, the whole staff was outstanding!!!