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Hospital Care

A community where our patients and families come together to connect and share experiences

Photo of Maternal Newborn Pavilion

Thank You to the 4th Floor Delivery Team!


I wanted to let you know that we can't thank you enough for a wonderful experience with Signature Healthcare, and in particular the doctors and staff at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital.

Photo of Cardiac Cath Lab

Excellent Care in Cardiac Cath Unit


My husband was recently a patient in the Cardiac Cath Unit. We wish to tell you that the care my husband received was excellent! 

Photo of patient room in hospital

A Signature Employee Thanks Staff For Taking Such Good Care of Her Mother


I want to thank the staff at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital for the exceptional care my mother received during her recent hospital stay.

Photo of hospital lobby

Incredible Compassion from the Signature Healthcare Staff


After a routine colonoscopy, Jon thought everything was fine. However, when he began experiencing some frightening complications eight days after his procedure, he was instructed by the gastroenterologist on call to go to the Emergency Room at Signature Healthcare.

Photo of Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital

Outstanding Care


I recently came in for a surgical have outstanding people there at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital!

Photo of Eoin Kelly

How Much Their Care Has Meant to Me


I recently visited Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital for an infection on my face

Photo of Dr. Merlin, Dr. Garrett and Dr. Yaqub

An Organization that Really Cares for their Patients.


I am writing to let you know of my experience before, during and after surgery for the removal of a cyst, ovaries and tube. The surgery was performed by Dr. Merlin and Dr. Garrett . I always tell friends and family that Signature has the best physicians and they proved me right again.

Photo of Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital

Great Comforting Care


Having been a patient at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital on several occasions, I am always impressed by the excellent care provided by everyone at the hospital.

Disney Princess Castle

An Emergency Department Princess


I just want to say that my experience tonight in the emergency room was very rewarding for my daughter...

Provider holding patients hand

Compassionate Care


My mother was recently hospitalized with pneumonia and because of her Alzheimer’s I was with her day and night throughout her stay.

Tammy and Karen

Praise from one RN to our Staff


A retired R.N. from Whitman, MA, sent a note to Signature Healthcare CEO, Kim Hollon, thanking the staff for their wonderful care...

Photo of Dr. Garrett

Thank you Dr. Leslie Garrett and Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital staff


Recently, I had laparoscopic abdominal surgery at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital and I felt compelled to write about my experience...I received excellent care from start to finish.

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