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We are ready and welcoming our patients to help them take charge of their healthcare. Predictions show COVID-19 will be present for the foreseeable future. We have been and remain committed to providing the safest possible care and environment for you and your family's healthcare. 
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Incredible Compassion from the Signature Healthcare Staff

Friday, July 19, 2019

Photo of hospital lobby

After a routine colonoscopy, Jon thought everything was fine.  However, when he began experiencing some frightening complications eight days after his procedure, he was instructed by the gastroenterologist on call to go to the Emergency Room at Signature Healthcare. Initially concerned by the crowded parking lot, Jon prepared himself for a long wait in the ER.  However, to his surprise, he was quickly triaged and within 30 minutes was set up in a bed and being treated by a physician. 

“I was hesitant, since this was my first experience at Signature Healthcare, but I was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly compassionate and efficient the ER staff was,” said John. “Everyone was very attentive and in particular, the nurse who was with me was absolutely superb.”

After being examined in the Emergency Room, his physician decided to admit him to the hospital to better address the complications he was having, which would also include another trip to the endoscopy suite.

“I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of being put under anesthesia again, but the anesthesiologist was terrific and did a great job of making sure I felt comfortable,” said John.  “The entire experience exceeded my expectations.”

After spending two nights as an inpatient, Jon was discharged and sent home to fully recover. Today, he is in great health, and while he hopes he never has to, he says he wouldn’t hesitate to go back to receive emergency or inpatient care at Signature Healthcare.