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Physical Therapy is Fantastic

Friday, October 27, 2017

A Grateful Patient
Person riding stationary bike

In October, I fell and broke my heel and ankle. After removing the cast months later, I was instructed to go to Signature Healthcare Physical Therapy. The first day, I was greeted by a professional wonderful caring individual named Rhonda at the front desk. She was kind and caring and connected me with the right professional and set up my new schedule. Every time I come in for treatment, she greets me with a great smile and a good morning. Kathy was the first person evaluating my injury. She was incredibly caring and professional and made me feel very comfortable. She evaluated my injuries thoroughly and set up a schedule and program for rehabilitation. I am amazed every time I see Kathy the incredible knowledge that this beautiful person has in my recovery process. Each week I am working with Nancy, Kathy and Brian. They were able to do the impossible by getting me walking. My therapy is not over by any means, and nothing has been easy in my recovery, but this team has never given up on me. I feel as though I've been incredibly blessed to have these wonderful, beautiful people help me through my injury. Thank you to Signature Healthcare in the fantastic Physical Therapy department.