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Thank you Dr. Leslie Garrett and Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital staff

Friday, March 15, 2019

Photo of Dr. Garrett

Recently, I had laparoscopic abdominal surgery at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital and I felt compelled to write about my experience. Let me just start by saying that I wasn't the best patient. I was nervous and pessimistic and not so sure that I was going to come out of this okay. But all my providers were so kind and extremely competent. I received excellent care from start to finish.

I'm sorry to say that I don't remember everyone's name, but I do know Sue from the lab. She drew my blood expertly and gave me a couple of reassuring shoulder squeezes to let me know things would be okay. The doctor who started my IV was also wonderful. She had no trouble finding my vein and getting the line started, all while talking to me in a calming voice. She also told me a relatively personal story, which I greatly appreciated. Once I was in the PACU, Jen was my angel. She was very attentive and sweet. Dr. Leslie Garrett, assisted by Dr. Keith Merlin, did the actual surgery. To them, I am extremely grateful. I am amazed at how quickly I am recovering and the fact that I didn't need a whole lot of "down time" speaks volumes about their talent and skill. I've had zero complications from this invasive procedure. Furthermore, both Dr. Merlin and Dr. Garrett have wonderful demeanors and were able to make me feel much more relaxed and trusting about the whole thing. The post-op laboratory report was available within a day or two following my surgery, which Dr. Merlin called me with right away. I was pleasantly surprised that I received the results of a detailed lab analysis so quickly.

I really believe that I received the best possible care that you can get and I had it right here at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital. No procedure or surgery is without risks and just about every patient will experience some level of anxiety, but I know that Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital takes its commitment to patient safety seriously. Thank you again for the excellent care!