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Thanks for a Great Hip Experience - I feel great!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Joe K.
Exterior shot of Brockton Hospital

From my first consult with Dr. Mulroy up to the end of my outpatient physical therapy, my experience with a hip replacement has been exceptional! Every aspect of my care and wellbeing was considered and addressed. The workshop at the “YMCA” was informative and well organized. The subsequent mandatory clinic was equally well done. Pre-testing was spread out over the course of two weeks, which was less stressful. At Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital, I found the pre-op personnel friendly and engaging. They used humor to put me at ease. I have no recollection of how the surgical team did other than I feel great – so success with that department! After the procedure, machines and staff monitored me closely. Physical Therapy arrived that afternoon to get me up and moving. Other than feeling a little nauseous from getting up, it was just what was needed. I was able to be discharged to my house the very next day! At home the Physical/Occupational Therapist and Visiting Nurses were caring and extremely professional. I await the opportunity to schedule my other hip replacement. Thank you!