Same Day Access Clinic

Your ankle is sprained, but today is Saturday, and the thought of waiting in an emergency room seems daunting. You think you may have a urinary tract infection, but it’s after business hours. Signature Healthcare has relief for you.

Signature Healthcare patients of all ages are welcome to utilize our Same Day Access Clinic services at 110 Liberty Street in Brockton. These services are available on evenings, weekends and holidays (except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day), and are for those times when your situation may not require a visit to the Emergency Room, but is serious enough to have a same day appointment. It’s fast, convenient and supported by full lab and imaging, including MRI, CT scan and EKG. All of our providers use electronic medical records to access your health information, ensuring a visit with someone who knows your medical history, current medications and allergies. When your situation doesn’t require a visit to the Emergency Room, but is serious enough to have a same day appointment, we’ll see you today.

Typical ailments that would warrant a trip to the Same Day Access Clinic include: ear and eye infections, fever, flu- symptoms, intravenous antibiotics, minor injuries such as muscle strains and sprains or suture and staple removal, sore throat, or women’s health issues. The Same Day Access Clinic at our 110 Liberty Street, Brockton location is for patients that have a Signature Medical Group primary care physician or pediatrician.

Patients with an SMG pediatrician or primary care provider should contact their physician (or child's physician) first; if they are unable to see you right away, call the Same Day Access Clinic for an appointment time convenient to you: 508-894-0400.

We do not accept walk-ins.