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Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is an advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic test, which produces very clear pictures or images of the human body without the use of X-rays. This technology enables physicians to detect developing diseases or abnormalities earlier than ever before. MRI uses a powerful - but harmless -magnetic field and radio waves like the kind that transmit your favorite FM music. The combination of radio waves and magnetic field produce detailed images of body structures such as the brain, spine and other vital organs.

Signature Healthcare offers the most advanced Wide Bore MRIdiagnostic tools for helping physicians reach confident diagnoses and helping patients feel more comfortable during MR scans. Patients in need of routine Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans can take advantage of some of the most advanced MR imaging services in a magnet, designed with patient comfort in mind. Signature Healthcare has installed a MAGNETOM® Verio MRI scanner, the world's first open bore 3T MRI.

The MAGNETOM® Verio MRI offers excellent image quality and diagnostic capabilities, along with exceptional patient comfort thanks to a large 70-cm opening. With one foot of spacious headroom, patients no longer feel like they are “nose to nose” with the top of the magnet.

At 3T, the MRI has the strongest magnet field strength used clinically today, giving Signature Healthcare physicians access to many applications, including orthopedic and cartilage assessment, and breast, vascular and cardiac imaging. The system is used to non-invasively scan head, neck, TMJ, spine, breast, heart, abdomen, pelvis, joints, prostate, blood vessels, and musculoskeletal regions of the body.

Originally developed in the late 1970s, from discoveries made in the 1940s, MR scans combine the power of magnetic and radio frequency fields, allowing physicians to view the tissue structure of internal anatomy without exploratory surgery. MR exams are used when people are ill or injured, or when a physician suspects a medical problem that is not easily detectable from a conventional physical examination.

Preparation and FAQs

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    How does MRI work?

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    How long is an MRI scan?

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    What are the important considerations for an MRI scan?

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    What Can You Expect During the MRI Scan?

Before having a contrast injection, please tell your doctor nurse, and/or MRI technologist if you:

  • are allergic to any medicine, either prescription or nonprescription (OTC);
  • are pregnant;
  • are breast-feeding;
  • have any other medical conditions, especially allergies or asthma (history of), kidney disease, diabetes or heart disease.

Prior to your exam, please review the following checklist:

  • Please bring previous X-rays applicable to the exam. The radiologist may want to review them (Ex. if you are having a MRI of a knee, please bring any previous X-rays of your knee.)
  • For most exams, it isn’t necessary to refrain from eating and drinking, your physician can help guide you through the preparation.
  • You CAN take any medication you may currently be taking. It is not necessary to stop taking it prior to the exam. In fact, the exam will be much more comfortable if you continue to take your medication.

You CANNOT have the exam if you have any of the following:

  • Certain cerebral aneurysm clips (magnetic)
  • Certain heart valves
  • Cochlear implants
  • Metal filings in the eye
  • Pacemaker/Defibrillator

You will be asked a series of questions concerning your surgical and occupational background. If this history includes metal work (ex. welders, grinders, etc.) or metal implants, please be sure to tell the technologist prior to your exam. Preliminary X-rays may need to be taken.

If you think you may be claustrophobic, ask your doctor to prescribe medication prior to the exam. If you do receive medication, please bring someone with you that will be able to drive you home because you will not be able to drive yourself.

Getting Your Results

The radiologist and your physician will discuss the results with you.


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