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Nutrition Services

Have you ever viewed a movie and then suddenly noticed that you have finished an entire large bag of chips, container of ice cream, or jar of peanut butter? Most everyone has experienced this and it has a name: Mindless Eating.

Mindless eating means that we lose control of our ability to make sound decisions and healthy choices. We stop paying attention. This loss of control is due to a disconnection between our thoughts and actions. There are two types of distractions that result in this type of disconnection.

External distractions include things outside of us like the television, stereo, driving, and attending to children, just to name a few.

Internal distractions include things inside our body like physical sensations (e.g., pain, hunger, etc.) and our thoughts, such as worries about an ill loved one or ideas for a project at work. More significant internal distractions may include depression or anxiety.

Our Nutrition Clinic serves all departments and patients, and can help you conquer these and other food challenges. Call 508-941-7250 to speak with a nutritionist.