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Compassion and Care

Friday, September 28, 2018

Michele Wicklund
Photo of the Wicklund Family

In a letter to Signature Healthcare CEO Kim Hollon, Ms. Michele Wicklund of Brockton shared her thoughts on the care her husband received: “I would like to thank everyone at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital for the excellent and compassionate care that my husband Al Wicklund received during his hospitalization and subsequent passing.

From the emergency room intervention with Dr. Yong, the nurse Sandi and aid Christine, as well as his care in the ICU with Jean and Kim and subsequently on A2 with Dr. Kayhani, who I cannot say enough about. He is the most caring physician I have come across and his patience with us through this ordeal and his compassionate care of Al, there are no words for him. He is a “great Physician.”

Also, I want to thank the nurses on A2, both day and night, Maeve and Vania. Both were so very conscientious and so caring to Al. They deserve a medal. What great nurses!

Then in the end, the nurses who made us so comfortable as he was on comfort care. There are just no words for the kindness that they bestowed upon us.

I thank you all and I hope that this note to you, Mr. Hollon, will be passed along to the Chief of Medicine as well as Director of Nurses to recognize these great caregivers. I cannot say enough for the care we have received at Signature Health. I had worked for SHC for 38 years, but had never really experienced first hand the great care that you give. Thank you again.”