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Losing Weight: A Long-Term Success Story in Two Parts

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cathy St. George
Portrait of Cathy St. George

My weight loss story begins back in 1993 when I had my thyroid removed. It was around that time I found myself on a path of continual weight gain. I tried every diet out there and saw my weight keep climbing to 292 lbs. I had to do something.  It took me a while, but I eventually arrived at a decision that would not only change my her life but many more lives around me - gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Abeles of Signature Healthcare.

My journey didn’t end post-surgery. Since having the gastric bypass over two years ago, I continue to lose weight and live healthy every day. I've lost a total of 130-pounds – or almost half my body weight!  I've kept it off without side effects. Beyond losing weight, I am tremendously grateful for all of the people who have entered life on this amazing journey – the dieticians and doctors, the friends and support I found in weight loss support groups and the countless people and surgical candidates I has met.