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Friday, October 4, 2019

Judy Epps
Photo of Judy Epps

My name is Judy Epps and I live in Taunton, Massachusetts.  I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Triple Negative Breast Cancer on December 14, 2018.  I was told the news at the Internist’s office, I immediately burst into tears, and she was very compassionate, patient, and understanding with me while I tried to process what she just told me.  All I could hear in my mind was “You have breast cancer” and it sounded like something out of a horror movie.  I was baffled, scared, and shocked, because it was always my understanding that breast cancer was hereditary and no one in my family ever had it.  

My initial appointment with the Greene Cancer Center was very overwhelming.  While the Oncologists and the Surgeon explained the details of my diagnosis and the treatment plan in a compassionate manner, they sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher (no offense), and I was in tears the entire time.  I just wanted to scream and run out of the room. But at the same time I could not move... When I came to terms with the fact the it was Stage 1, a centimeter in size, and treatable with chemotherapy and radiation I became hopeful for the future. The actual turning point for me was when my hair started to come out in chunks and I made the decision to get the rest of my hair cut and shaved off. When my hairdresser handed me the mirror after she was done all I could see was my face.  I did not cry, scream, or run out of the salon. I simply looked at my face, said I can do this, and will wear wigs until my hair grows back at a comfortable length for me to wear it on its own. If it was not for the love and support of my family, friends, coworkers, the impeccable bedside manner and outstanding medical expertise of the Doctors and staff at the Greene Cancer Center, and for my faith in GOD and prayer, I would not be in the good place that I am in today. 

After a successful Lumpectomy resulting in being cancer free, (cancer has not spread and no evidence of cancer in my lymph nodes) 16 weeks of chemo, 6 weeks of radiation, I am feeling good, back at work, and ready to move on with my life. Hopefully, within the next five years there will be no reoccurrence and I will be in remission.