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Shout-Out to Dr. Mulroy And Tracy Pearson PA

Thursday, December 13, 2018

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After dealing with the pain and declining lifestyle of a worn out knee joint, it was time to do something about it. My primary gave me names of surgeons within the Signature Group who specialized in this procedure, but also said "Give serious though to Dr. Mulroy, In my opinion he is THE BEST.

I made an appointment, and was seen right on time. Dr. Mulroy had my confidence from "hello". I have to say this man is a Prince amongst men. From the beginning he explained everything and how I would benefit from his work. Yes there would be pain but it would be controlled. I would feel like I made a mistake until the healing process was underway. His entire staff was comprised of kind hearted people who genuinely cared about my progress. We set the surgery for 12 months out, however, Dr. Mulroy said if I got worse, or couldn't take the pain I was in any longer, call him and he would get me right in. As the surgery got closer, there was the preadmission, and also the "what to expect" seminar. Both were SO truly helpful to know how this procedure would unfold.

The day of my surgery came and admissions was a breeze, and I was in the pre op area, awaiting my time. I couldn't have been more comfortable with the process so far. I then kissed my wife , and was wheeled off to the operating room. Dr. Mulroy was waiting there, shook my hand and asked if I had any questions or concerns. We concurred on the knee to be replaced, he drew on that knee and initialed it. I replied I was ready and he shook my hand and said, "Leave the rest to me". The nest thing I remember was waking up in recovery with an Ace bandage on my knee. I was then wheeled out to a room, and constantly checked for vital signs and also any pain or discomfort. When there was some, it was addressed immediately. Dinner was ordered, then PT came in about 6:30 PM, and got me up and with the use of a walker, I was cruising the hallways of Brockton Hospital.

The next morning after my knee replacement Dr. Mulroy was in my hospital room at 6:15 checking on me. Gave me tips how to get that knee back to work. We spoke and he left saying I will see you in a few weeks, but if you have ANY issues, concerns or just want to speak with me, call the office, I will get right back to you. That day I climbed 2 flights of stairs up and down! I met PA Tracy Pearson from his office and she was just wonderful! At my 6 week visit Dr. Mulroy said he remembered how I hobbled into his office 12 months prior and now barely 6 weeks after surgery I was walking tall and proud. PA Tracy Pearson was also there and greeted me by name and that world class smile she has, and also reiterated, if you need anything to call immediately!

Dr Mulroy has my undivided support and endorsement for hip and knee replacement and also for being the kind and caring human being he truly is. May God bless him, Tracy Pearson, his work and his compassion towards others.