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Thank You for Making an Uncomfortable Experience Much More Pleasant

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tracey H.
Medical Provider Holding a Heart

It's too often that people call or write in to complain about something that happened or someone that upset them. I would like to do the opposite. I recently came in for an Endoscopy. From the time of my first phone call with the nurse who pre-registered me, then the gentleman who led me to the Endoscopy waiting area, all while making pleasant small talk on the way there, to my prep with the nurses in the prep area. I was re-assured about the procedure & the nurses were never out of sight if I needed them for anything. I was made comfortable, & while I waited about an hour to be brought in to the procedure room itself, my comfort was exceptional! Congrats to your staff doctors, nurses, transport people & medical assistants that made an unpleasant experience SO much more pleasant! I have to have a repeat endoscopy done in April. I will still be nervous, that I know, but will be much more at ease knowing how well things went this time around. Thank you very much!