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The Blue Warrior

Friday, February 22, 2019

Dixie T.
Colon Cancer Awareness Ribbon

My First Colonoscopy OK. I know what you're thinking. Do we really want to hear about this? Relax. I won't go into details. You can easily Google that information for yourselves. But I will tell you that my anxiety was the worst part...well except for drinking a gallon of bowel prep and having to fore-go my morning coffee. I had it done at Signature Healthcare at Brockton Hospital, and let me tell you this. The Endoscopy department there is superb, especially the nurses. Every single one was so kind and comforting, especially since I was a big baby, and much to my dismay, I started crying before I even had the procedure. I think it was just being in a hospital setting again, especially so soon after David's ordeal that just really hit home with me. But I am so grateful to all of the staff there, for their compassion and professionalism. It really made a big difference. And by the way, my preliminary results were negative. Enjoy this beautiful day everyone. Love, Dixie.